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UCRE | Don Bell Properties represents the UC Ranch Properties brand in Texas and Oklahoma. UC Ranch Properties is the premier ranch division of United Country Real Estate and is the largest ranch specialist team in America providing local ranch expertise for nearly 500 offices nationwide. UC Ranch Properties offers and sells more $1 million and higher ranches than any other ranch real estate company in the U.S. The team leverages a leading premier ranch website and unmatched national advertising. The company has been an innovator in ranch, lifestyle and country real estate marketing since 1925. They leverage a unique, comprehensive marketing program that includes the highest ranked and largest portfolios of specialty property marketing websites, the largest real estate marketing services company, an extensive buyer database of over one million opt-in buyers, the largest auction services team and exclusive national advertising of properties.

Don Bell, the broker ® and owner of United Country Real Estate | Don Bell Properties, recently represented the buying team for the historic Four Sixes Ranch operations in Texas. This remarkable sale has been the talk of the ranching industry for some time now, is comprised over 266,000 acres or an area of over 614 square miles, or ¼ the size of Rhodes Island. Bell’s childhood was immersed in the horse and cattle industries. Bell’s father was a horse trainer, and as a child, there was nothing young Bell wanted to do more than follow in his father’s footsteps. While his parents encouraged him to pursue a different career path, Bell went to college, interned with a successful horse trainer in Gainesville, Texas, and ultimately, found success in his own horse training business. He showed several American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) World Champions and even married a highly decorated exhibitor in her own right. After his most successful year, Bell left the World Show with a unique sense of dread. He had the choice to continue what he was doing and try to replicate success he had just achieved, or he could try something new. He started to pursue another life-long passion of his, Western and equine art. This included art shows and private commissions. His efforts paid off as his work was featured on covers of multiple national magazines and he served as the official artist of the AQHA World Show, NRHA Futurity, and APHA World shows to name a few. Just a few short years ago, Fort Worth Magazine named him the People’s Choice for best artist in Fort Worth. He was also commissioned by the Ohio Quarter Horse Association to sculpt the horse used on the trophy they award at the All American Quarter Horse Congress… The largest single breed horse show in the world. While he was finding great enjoyment from his art, he and his wife were starting a family and needed a new direction. After a little convincing from his wife, Bell began to pursue a career in ranch real estate. After years of growing up and working in the agriculture industry, he had already garnered much of the unique knowledge and many necessary and useful relationships that allowed him to realize early success. He chose to focus on selling ranches and land not only because it was in his backyard, but because he also loved that the American West attracts dreamers. He believes that buyers are mainly drawn to ranches and recreational land for emotional reasons, and while those emotions differ from person to person, many times the West attracts people longing for nostalgia of simpler times, a rugged independence and freedom. Bell said, “It’s a given that we have to be knowledgeable about our trade, but beyond that people have to feel they can trust you personally and know you give them everything you have to ensure the best experience possible. Many of my clients turn into true lifelong friends. I treat people like family and believe that’s the foundation of my client relationships. In addition, I think sellers have confidence in how I portray their properties nationally, and they also know I give much of my own sweat equity into making their property appeal to as many buyers as possible.” It is through these connections and reputation that Bell was connected with the buyers for the historic Four Sixes Ranch. According to Bell, one of the keys to properly representing a large and historic ranch is understanding its history and unique value outside of the land itself. “It is finding buyers who align with both the history and value of the ranch that make these types of historic deals come together,” Bell said. For example, on the Four Sixes both the family’s history and dedication to their world renowned horse operation, and quality carcass yields were critical to finding the right buyers.